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About Prabhat

We are a company that is dedicated to adding goodness in everyday lives of our consumers. It is our belief that we are not associates to businesses we link ourselves with, but committed partners in progress. Read More

We began our journey in 1998 with the vision to be a highly respectable company that stands firm on its pillars of trust, integrity, quality and innovation.

Since then, we have flourished as a successful brand for milk and dairy products. What helped us achieve this success are our innovative thinking, and a workplace behaviour that fosters a constant need to achieve quality and efficiency. This is how we as a company have formed a truthful bond with both our end consumers and several established businesses.

We constantly strive to make sure that our standards are never compromised, which is why everything we do and produce here at Prabhat Dairy is of the highest quality. It is this ethic that contributes to our ideals of trust and integrity towards whomever we partner with.

In order to uphold our standards, we remain updated with our market knowledge and latest innovations, which help us deliver on the evolving consumer expectations.

The result of these efforts is the continued delight of our end-customers. Read Less

Sarangdhar R Nirmal

Sarangdhar R Nirmal

From a small business to a leading integrated milk and dairy products company, Prabhat's journey involved several progressive steps, continuous learning, and a tireless drive to achieve. We as a company believe strongly in forward thinking, perfecting what we have, and creating a platform for what we aim to accomplish. During all of this, quality has always been the core of the essence.

Combining technology with consumer expectations, we have strived to deliver nothing short of great quality products. Deep understanding of our consumers' needs and meeting their requirements has always been vital for us. This has played a significant role in achieving high levels of consumer satisfaction and helped us consistently live up to the faith entrusted in us by our consumers. This, we believe, is our greatest triumph.

Another ingredient that has strongly contributed to our continued growth & success is the dairy farmers. We have always looked at them as our partners and closely monitored their needs. We closely engage with them and educate them on matters of cattle breeding, cattle feed, nutrition and medication, cattle insurance and financing. We also provide an in-depth training on milking, storage and the process of delivering milk to our collection centres.

Over the years, our efforts have been widely recognised, which has helped us position ourselves as a leading brand in Indian Dairy Industry. We also received strong consumer recognition, particularly in the state of Maharashtra. Furthermore, our marketing efforts were fruitful and we received an award for being one of ‘Asia’s fastest growing marketing brands – FMCG sector’ at the World Consulting and Research Corporation leaders summit in 2014.

Since innovation is one of our core values, we use advanced equipment that are constantly monitored. This, along with our stringent quality control process, has enabled us in developing a strong relationship with our institutional customers over the years. We have been acknowledged by Abbott Nutrition India as the “Most Trusted Partner” in 2012 for our outstanding contribution.

In addition, the Confederation of Indian Industry has awarded us with the ‘CII National Award for Food Safety 2014 & 16’ for our strong commitment to good hygiene and manufacturing practices. And was also awarded for 'Exemplary Support' at the Business Partners' Summit by Jubilant FoodWorks. Taking into consideration our advancements till date, along with the support of all our stakeholders, we aim to accelerate and achieve further while constantly striving to work closely with our clients and upholding our belief of being their 'Partners in Progress.'