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About Prabhat

We are a company that is dedicated to adding goodness in everyday lives of our consumers. It is our belief that we are not associates to businesses we link ourselves with, but committed partners in progress. Read More

We began our journey in 1998 with the vision to be a highly respectable company that stands firm on its pillars of trust, integrity, quality and innovation.

Since then, we have flourished as a successful brand for milk and dairy products. What helped us achieve this success are our innovative thinking, and a workplace behaviour that fosters a constant need to achieve quality and efficiency. This is how we as a company have formed a truthful bond with both our end consumers and several established businesses.

We constantly strive to make sure that our standards are never compromised, which is why everything we do and produce here at Prabhat Dairy is of the highest quality. It is this ethic that contributes to our ideals of trust and integrity towards whomever we partner with.

In order to uphold our standards, we remain updated with our market knowledge and latest innovations, which help us deliver on the evolving consumer expectations.

The result of these efforts is the continued delight of our end-customers. Read Less

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We have 2 state-of-the-art manufacturing units at Shrirampur and Turbhe, Navi Mumbai. We have established automated production facilities at our Shrirampur and Navi Mumbai facilities equipped with advanced technology which ensures operational efficiencies including lower production losses, strict quality control and ability to process large orders. In addition, the technology infrastructure connects the procurement and production processes. We also use computerized milk testing facilities and comprehensive enterprise management programs which covers production, purchase and sales, finance, stores, inventory, storage, and payroll functions.

The manufacturing facility is complimented with a wide range of packing and filling machines supplied by Indian and overseas suppliers.