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Top 5 Dishes where Dahi works its magic

Curd or Dahi as it is traditionally called, is often the staple add on for dishes in the Indian household.

It is great to have by itself but when you add it to food, its creamy flavour turns any dish into a mouth-watering delight.

Be it in curry or rita, curd just adds a tantalizing taste to your meal.

Dahi also brings a cooling effect when accompanied with spicy food. It gently tones down the intense flavours balancing the taste.

Here are 5 amazing dishes where Dahi works its magic.

#1 Dahi Wada

Dahi Wada is a real classic. It needs no introduction at all! It is probably the yummiest snack made with Dahi.

Fried dumplings soaked in utter smooth and creamy Dahi, blend into a deliciously rich and savoury treat. It is true bliss in every bite and that’s what makes it a favourite snack for many

Next time you are relishing a serve of Dahi Wada, don’t go shy on the amount of Dahi. The more you add the better!

#2 Dahi Karela

Dahi and Karela together in a dish! For some it would be an odd mix, but don’t judge this dish unless you try it.

Usually people hate to have Karela (bitter gourd) but when it is mixed with curd, the lingering bitterness subsides and the creamy taste of Dahi gives it a flavoursome overhaul.

This dish will make you fall in love with Karela (Bitter gourd) even if you never liked them before. It’s a must try, if you haven’t had it!

#3 Tadka Dahi

What makes the Takda Dahi such a favourite is undoubtedly its ease of preparation and the savoury taste that Dahi brings to the Dish. It also acts as a delicious accompaniment to other dishes.

For making Tadka Dahi all you have to do is, mix it with onions, tomatoes, red chilli and curry leaves that are cooked separately.

It is mildly spicy, tangy and has the goodness of Dahi in it, making it the perfect package of taste and nutrition.

#4 Dahi Kadi

Dahi Kadi, a popular traditional diah. It tastes tantalising when made with rich Dahi with the addition of mustard seeds and gram flour. It involves a healthy mix of spices, which gives the dish a flavourful aroma and taste.

Another reason for using rich Dahi in its preparation is that it gives the Kadi a creamy and thick texture, so you can have it with both rice and roti.

#5 Dahi Paneer

You would have tried paneer is many styles, but one very delicious variation is bleanding it with Dahi.

Dahi Paneer is mild yet flavoursome to taste and quite a popular pick, especially for those who can’t handle a lot of spice.

It is made with soft pieces of Paneer, which are cooked in Ghee and Dahi till they soften further. Top it off with coriander leaves and that’s it, your perfect recipe is ready to relish.

Of all the delicious dishes made with Dahi, these are a handful that will truly make you fall in love with its creamy flavour.