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Quench your summer - Thrust this summer with Lassi & Chaas from Prabhat Dairy

Buttermilk is also known as chaas, a salty version of lassi with a more watery consistency. When opposed to lassi, buttermilk is less acidic and has a slightly sour flavor. It is frequently taken after being seasoned with black salt, cumin powder, or chopped coriander leaves. It is a good digestive, which is why it is eaten alongside a meal in several places like Gujarat and Rajasthan. Lassi is usually thicker, and sugar, milk, or milk cream are usually added to make it taste better. It's usually eaten in place of a meal, and it's sometimes accompanied by fruit chunks.

Lassi is a classic easiest refreshing summer drink to make, and it's rich with nutrients and vitamins that are good for your health. Lassi is made by combining water and dahi (yogurt). To improve the flavor, salt or sugar is added later. Traditionally, lassi is served chilled in a tall glass with a variety of Punjabi foods such as aloo paratha, chhole bhature, makki ki roti, and sarson ka saag. But, aside from being extremely tasty, it's also quite nutritious. This oh-so-appealing beverage comes with a slew of advantages.

Buttermilk or chaas has roughly half the calories and almost half the fat of milk or lassi, while containing almost the same amount of other nutrients. As a result, it's a better option than lassi or even milk.

Among the major health benefits of consuming Lassi:

1. Helps with Digestion - Lassi made with yogurt is claimed to help with digestion. It's gentle on the stomach and contains lactobacilli, a type of beneficial bacteria that lubricates the intestines and facilitates digestion.

2. Good Source of Probiotics - Lassi consumption promotes the growth of good bacteria while inhibiting the formation of bad bacteria in the gut. It also contains probiotics, which aid in lowering harmful cholesterol levels in the body.

3. Boosts System - Including lassi in one's daily diet can do wonders for the body because it is a high-quality source of lactic acid and Vitamin D, both of which can help to boost the immune system to a great amount. As a result, the body is better prepared to fight many ailments.

4. Fights Body Heat - Lassi is a cool and pleasant drink that helps to cool down the body. Plus, it's high in electrolytes, which can help the body combat dehydration, so drinking lassi on a regular basis can help keep the body's heat under control.

5. Promotes Bone Health - Lassi is high in calcium, which is beneficial to the formation of strong bones. Drinking lassi on a regular basis will benefit your bone and dental health.

6. Skin Benefits - Lactic acid in lassi can help eradicate blemishes and enhance skin texture, allowing you to keep beautiful and youthful skin.

Some of the health benefits of consuming Chaas:

1. Reduces Acidity - One of the most important advantages of chaas is that it helps to reduce acidity. If you frequently experience acid reflux after eating, you should begin drinking buttermilk.
After a meal, a glass of buttermilk can aid digestion while also reducing acidity. Adding additional condiments, such as dried ginger or pepper, may boost its characteristics even further. It may help to relieve stomach lining irritation caused by acid reflux.

2. Prevents Dehydration - It's an excellent way to stay hydrated, especially in the heat. Dehydration can cause a variety of diseases as well as overall discomfort.
Buttermilk decreases water loss from your body since it includes a lot of electrolytes. As a result, it naturally moisturizes your body and protects you from summer illnesses like prickly heat.

3. Helps in Detoxification - Buttermilk has the benefit of containing riboflavin, which aids in the conversion of food into energy. It also aids in the production of certain hormones.
Riboflavin also promotes detoxification while improving liver function. Toxins can be easily removed from your body if you drink buttermilk on a daily basis.

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