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Say cheese to a fit life

Cheese not only makes food tastier but they also have amazing health benefits. Yes, you read that right! You’ll be surprised to know how cheese is actually good for your health.

Many people believe that cheese is unhealthy and shouldn’t be eaten – especially if they are trying to lose weight. Now that’s not true. Cheese is a fantastic source for some of the most important nutrients your body needs. In fact, it helps in maintaining your body weight.

#1 Real Fit Calls for Real Good Fat,

You think fit means no fat? Well, if you really need to be fit and healthy, you need fat. Cheese contains saturated fat. Our bodies need fat – not too much, but we do need it in moderation.

Fat is one of the most important and efficient form of energy you need in your diet. It helps to keep your hair and skin healthy, protect organ and maintains body temperature too.

The fats found in cheese are high-quality natural fats, along with the omega-3 fatty acids that help in raising good cholesterol, which is one of the most important markers of heart health.

So, just go for good fat with cheese.

#2 Wonder-Filled With Calcium And Proteins

Ever had cheese burst pizza or cheese dosa? The wonderful taste of cheese makes it so special and delicious. But that’s not the only good thing about cheese.

Cheese is crammed with calcium and proteins. It’s also filled with Vitamin D, which helps our bodies to absorb that calcium, along with folic acid, zinc, phosphorus, and Vitamins A, B2, B12, and K2.

In addition to building stronger bones, the calcium from cheese is also important for your brain’s health and blood clotting.

#3 It’s all smiles with cheese!

Cheese, not just makes you healthier but it can make you happier too. Wondering how it keeps you happy? Cheese contains an amino acid called tyrosine which, when broken down in our bodies, makes us feel euphoric.

Eating certain varieties of cheese, such as Cheddar, is proven to prevent tooth decay as well. And that just adds up to the reasons to have cheese. So, it’s time you Say Cheese!