Goodness Tales

A refreshing start to the day

There something special about the tea my wife makes for me every morning. As I walk past the kitchen, I can see my wife cuts open the Prabhat Dairy milk packet and starts making tea. As soon I see that, I can’t wait to take the first sip. And once I take that first refreshing sip, I find myself ready to brace everything the day has to offer.

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Nutrition for my daughter

My wife is usually travelling for her work and I am left in charge of the kitchen. I am a pretty decent cook, but my daughter doesn’t think so. There are days where even I have to rush for work and I don’t want my daughter to miss out on her breakfast. For those days, a full-glass of milk is a healthy and nutritious option.

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Keeping the family tradition alive

My Dadi used to make these amazing Ghee Ladoos! Every time she used to come over, she brought them with her and I would smell them from a mile away. They had a unique aroma to them. It was her homemade Ghee. When Dadi passed away, I was devastated. Then one day I smelled her Ladoos at home. Surprised, I rushed to my mom in the kitchen. She was making Ladoos with Prabhat Ghee. That brought back so many memories.

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