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malai paneer

200gm Pouch

Our Malai Paneer is made from the best quality milk and hence it is soft in texture and creamy in taste. It is made with the utmost care to ensure that it taste just like homemade, traditional paneer.

Grill it, fry it or add it to your curry, the soft and creamy texture will add its goodness to your meal. Pleasing the guests with your culinary talent becomes even simple with our delicious Malai Paneer.

It also serves as a healthy treat with its nutritional value, which makes it great for your loved ones. Richness of protein and calcium makes it a great pre-workout meal and helps build strong bones and teeth.

A delicious way to treat your taste buds and your body!

Soft Tasty
Nutritioal Information per 100gm*
Total Energy 310 kcal
Energy from fat 216 kcal
Protein 18 g
Carbohydrate 6 g
Add Sugar 0.0 g
Fat 24 g
Saturated Fat 16 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 36 mg
Sodium 120 mg
*Approximate Values

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Store in (0° - 4°) C