Right from engaging with farmers on cattle health and milk production, and cattle feed supply to procuring raw milk, our involvement in every step has led to an integrated platform.

The collected raw milk undergoes multiple quality checks and standardisation at our factories.

Mission Zero Antibiotics

Happiness to the Farmer
Value to the Consumer

Prabhat Mahavista

We have bulk milk coolers under the “Prabhat Mahavistar” initiative.

Prabhat Dairy
Quality Mission

“Prabhat Dairy Quality Mission” aims to procure fresh, raw, unadulterated milk.

Fodder Management Programme

“Fodder Management Programme” aims to boost the dairy business in the drought-affected areas of Maharashtra.

High SNF percentage

Our cows are fed with high-quality, nutrient-rich feed that is free of toxins and contaminants. We make sure our cows are provided with regular medical checkups. As a result, our milk has healthy fat and a high SNF percentage.


At the centre of our integrated process are our milk processing factories.

As of today, we possess two large automated production facilities with advanced equipment at Shrirampur and Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra.

Taking Care of Everything

The Milk Procurement

Our integrated approach encompasses almost all aspects of the dairy industry value chain, right from engaging with farmers on cattle health and milk production to cattle food supply and processing only the best quality of raw milk. The collected raw milk is tested through specialised automatic machines, and then transported to production facilities at Shrirampur and Navi Mumbai.

Milk Collection Centre
Milk Chilling Centre
Bulk Milk Cooler
Navi Mumbai Factory
Shrirampur Factory