Here’s how you can make delicious meethi lassi at home

Sweet lassi traces its origins back to the rural sectors of Punjab, India, and this is where this drink was predominantly consumed for a very long time. As far as consumption goes, meethi lassi is so ubiquitous in this sector that every dhaba and household in the state is known to serve this amazing concoction as a welcome drink, meal sides, post-dinner delights, and so much more.

Over the years, the original variation of the drink, or meethi lassi as we love to call it, has undergone a plethora of modifications and changes. Globally, it is mango lassi that has managed to gain widespread popularity and fame, but as far as original and delectable lassi is concerned, nothing can beat the essence that the sweet version brings to the table.


To craft a consistent and heartwarming drink, there are a few things that you would need to assemble.

  • Yogurt- This milk derivative would act as the base of the lassi that you are aiming to create. Unflavoured and whole milk yogurt would be the one to go for with a smart addition of water/sugar to achieve consistency.
  • Ice cubes- You might be surprised to learn that traditional lassi isn’t cooled in a refrigerator, but rather through ice cubes. Crushing the cubes would be a wise thing to do as that would aid in achieving better thermal efficiency and mouth-feel.
  • Milk- Yogurt is pretty thick initially, but instead of watering it down excessively, you can use milk. Regulate the amount of milk concerning the amount of thickness that you want to accomplish.
  • Whipping cream- If you want your delicious lassi to be thick and creamy, whipping cream is something that you can go for. This is an ingredient that can be skipped, but in the grand scheme of things, we would recommend you add this to your shopping list.
  • Sugar- A sweet lassi shopping list won’t be complete without the inclusion of sugar and sweeteners. This is a factor that must be regulated to adhere to one’s personal tastes and preferences. Alternatively, you can use jaggery as well if you want to lend your drink a desi twist!


Once you have assembled each and every item that’s needed to churn out delicious lassi at home, you can get started with the preparation process.

  • Place all the ingredients in a blender. Alternatively, you can choose to use a traditional wooden blender as well, but an electronic one would help save time while delivering a product that would be just as good.
  • Keep running the blender as long as the mixture is no longer icy or thick. If you are someone who prefers a crunchy and icy texture, keep a certain portion of ice aside to add later on.
  • Once you have managed to achieve a frothy layer, add sugar and water as per your preference. Milk can be used to modulate thickness as well, but that’s something that depends heavily on personal preferences.
  • Conventionally, meethi lassi is served in large metallic glasses, but we do realize that such glasses aren’t as common in other parts of the country as they are in Punjab, and thus, you can use any form of serving glass that you might have around your place.

Final take

Making delicious lassi at home doesn’t have to be a chore if you follow the right set of guidelines and methods. If you want to experience top-notch lassis in Maharashtra, there’s no one better than Prabhat Dairy to satiate your taste buds. Explore the vast array of flavourful and nutritious drinks that they have to offer and take your pick today.

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