Meethi lassi and meals: A match made in heaven!

Among all the drinks that Indians consume daily, meethi lassi continues to hold the title of being one of the most popular and nutritious ones out there. While this is no secret, something that you may be surprised to learn is that this remains one of the most versatile consumables in the segment as well.

Punjab, the spiritual home of lassi, is a place that witnesses the consumption of lassi by citizens throughout the day. For the uninitiated, this can prove to be something of a misnomer as they might be under that consumption of lassi with every meal there just cannot be good enough, right?

Well, if you are to take a look at the features and advantages that meethi lassi brings to the table in this day and age, you would be pleasantly surprised. Here, we will be taking a look at the suitability of lassi consumption along with the different daily meals there are. This is something that would help us gain a better understanding of the benefit of Lassi as well. So, let’s get started.


As far as breakfast items go, very few things can match the potential that Lassi brings to the table. Besides aiding with weight loss, there are certain health benefit of Lassi as well. Lactobacillus is a good microbe that is present in Lassi in healthy quantities, and since they help with the lubrication of the intestines and aides in digestion, they are welcome to the breakfast table.

Moreover, there are several nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. present in every serving of lassi. These nutrients deliver a healthy dose of energy, something that is crucially desired when it comes to getting an effective start every morning.


If you are familiar with the manner in which lassi is consumed all across the country, you would be aware of the fact that lunchtime is arguably the most common meal during which lassi is consumed.

Since lassi is made up of a number of healthy constituents like yogurt, milk, spices, etc. drinking it before the meal might fill you up even before you have consumed even a single morsel of food!

Due to this nature, Lassi is conventionally consumed after meals, something that helps massively with digestion and brings down the body temperature as well. Thermodynamics is a significant benefit of lassi that you just cannot afford to ignore.


We all want to end our daily activities on a positive note, and to that end, a tumbler full of lip-smackingly delicious lassi can come in handy. Since lassi carries a number of good microbes, it would help immensely with digestion, while preventing acidity at the same time as well. Now, this is true for the most part, but if you happen to be someone who contracts cough and cold easily, you might want to avoid going for lassi after dinner, especially one that has been cooled and treated with a healthy dosage of ice.

Final take:

Among all the dietary intakes that we undertake on a daily basis, meethi lassi happens to be one of the very best there is. If you are looking for high-grade lassi in Maharashtra to consume daily, Prabhat Dairy has got you covered! Explore an extensive collection of delicious milk-based goodness today.

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